Third Party Screening Series
Programmed by Aaron Walker, Chris Reeves and Liz Cambron

A monthly screening series at Third Party, in Cincinnati, OH.

#1: House Plants and Apparitions
Alexander Stewart, Josh Gibson, Jesse McLean, Joey Versoza, Jerzy Rose, Barry Doupe and Michael Robinson

#2: Wild Lives
Erick Stoll and Chase Whiteside, Janos Richter, and Jarred Alterman

#3: Yule Logs and Certain Types of Nog
Peter Millard, Lilli Carre, Len Lye, Eric Dyer, Sally Cruikshank, Amy Lockhart and Marc Bell, Orland Nutt, Atsushi Wada, Jack Fried, Kyle Mowat and Ted Wiggin

#4: Bandages
Jennifer Reeder and Shana Moulton

#5: Below The Ear, The Pulse
Alison O'Daniel and Nancy Andrews

#6: C-bus Live!
Matt Meindl and Brandon Reichard

#7: Real Wars, Guns and Fences
Emily McCord and Deborah Stratman

#8: Festivities and Proclivities
Lizzy DuQuette, Harvey Benschoter, Jenni Rope, Andy Kennedy, Sean Pecknold, Stephanie Swart, Wilfred Jackson, Tom Schroeder, Katie Armstrong, Michael Frie, Nicolas Menard, David O'Reilly