Hyphen Makings
Newspaper take-away

stay bounce bell
hyphen makings
pour lodge coin

-Clark Coolidge. “arranges.” Space, 1970.

"The hyphen both joins and separates; it marks a new form. Whether sculptural, metaphysical, or social, we can build new forms from—extract from—our everyday surroundings: light, dirt, building materials, clothing, food, and the list goes on. The beauty of the unspectacular is right in front of us; the unmonumental objects of the everyday communicate their aesthetic possibilities without words. Encountering the spaces between the concrete and knowable, we play, we joke, we improvise, sometimes yielding meaningful results. These poetic approximations of that which is definitive help us attain new understandings and new possibilities. An exhibition-as-dérive proposes an aesthetic encounter with hyphen-making practices conjoined, and wondrously detached, from things we’ve seen before."
Erin Nixon

Featuring images by Aaron Walker, Bailey Romaine, Jessica Pierotti and Kate Calleri with an essay by Chris Reeves.

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