COURSES: An Inquiry Into Place, Publics and Food
CS13 in collaboration with Vicki Mansoor and Homeadow Song Farm, Jose Novales, Cincinnati Cooks, Ufuk Adak, CAIN, and Bill Brown.

Paralleling our ongoing interest in overlaps of art and the everyday, CS13 presented a month-long project that looked to the comforts, history and politics of the kitchen, emulating the format and layout of cooking lessons and TV shows as a vehicle for discussion driven presentations by local community members. This project consisted of a working kitchen built in the gallery that will double as a meeting space and lecture hall, from which a weekly series of talks and demonstrations were programmed and led by local community members, merchants and non-profits. Focused on the social structures implicit in recipes, cooking traditions and food based services, COURSES hoped to provide a unique community space that offered both free storytelling, educational programming and shared meals prepared on site.

Contrasting a very literal sculptural presence, the installation of a working kitchen, with events that are open and inviting, CS13 hoped to play host to courses by and for our community. We hope these courses-- from the literal dishes being served to the learning experiences offered along side them-- spark discourse, discovery and curiosity.