Creative Economy
With CS13

In March of 2010 CS13 presented an project entitled Creative Economy, facilitating an ongoing conversation about art and economics. The project was particularly focused on three topics: Prospects for creative sustainability in Cincinnati and nationally, art and its relationship to capital, and personal narratives about day to day economic realities and how they’ve affected creative endeavors.

This discussion was in part inspired by ART WORK, a free newspaper that explores art’s relation to capital through variety of essays by international artists, critics and historians. This publication, recently released by the Chicago artist collective Temporary Services, was distributed by CS13 as part of the show.

The project included:

1. “Critical Run: Art Work,” an organized discussion and run, was held in “an effort to restore a sense of urgency to public debate.” Topics from ART WORK were discussed on a 2 mile jog looping around the gallery.

2. A grass roots grant dinner inspired by the Chicago research collective Incubate. ( The potluck style dinner was provided by the gallery and cost $10 a head. In the weeks prior to the dinner 29 project proposals in need of funding were collected. Everyone in attendance voted on which project received the grant, the sum of the profits made from the dinner. A $730 dollar grant was awarded.

3. And closed with a lecture night held at the gallery featuring speakers Kristin Dietsche, Steve Kemple and Andy Marko and the release of our own regional response to ART WORK.

Creative Economy PDF