Hit Parade
Gallery installation and album
With Chris Reeves and Jacob Riddle

At the beginning of broadcast radio, hit songs were originally published in sheet music format, many artists were encouraged to introduce or promote the tune in different styles, formats or areas of popularity. Up through the late 1940s, the term "hit parade" referred to a list of compositions, not a list of records. In those times, when a tune became a hit, it was typically recorded by several different artists. In later years, a re-recording of a tune originally introduced or popularized by a certain artist was called covering a song.

Hit Parade, an installation and album of covers, all of The Beach Boys' 1966 smash hit "Good Vibrations", plays on this history. The project used a song notoriously famous for being sampled excessively as a site for continued interpretations, at once a rumination on the history of the cover song, a celebration of the format, and an inquiry into the space between visual/conceptual art and pop music and the act of finding something intimate, expressive and political in even the most commercial, sampled and populist of material.

Listen to the album here.

Participants included
Jane Carver, King Blood, Bartholomäus Traubeck, JD Walsh, Leif Fairfield, Jennifer Jolley, Academy Records, Halves, Jarrod Welling-Cann, Monitor Lizard, Lazer Quest, town, Michael Abitz, Paper Horse, Alex Bayer, Isaac Hand, Evolve, Sleeper, Matt Shelton, Kevin Bruce, Triangle, Chris Kulcsar and The Glass Is Greener