Loitering Boards
As part of Re:place, Zephyr Gallery
Curated by Linda Schwartz and Steve Matijcio, 2015

With Kelly Lloyd, Jesse Malmed, Yvette Nepper, and Chris Little.

"The sandwich board is the ubiquitous nomad of the urban landscape; lounging outside cafes, extolling the merits of the local barber, covered in diagonal orange ribbons and tasked with guarding a pot hole or demarcating a tow zone. These free-standing, unaffixed forms of public signage are part loiterer, part flaneur; prone to wandering, but most likely to be found parked on the borders that divide private and public space, holding court from open to close, day in and day out.

For this iteration of the Unsanctioned Sign Co. we offer up a series of sandwich boards as a site and format for the publication of new text works, as commissioned from writers and artists living in Cincinnati, OH and Chicago, IL. These works are a hybrid; both billboard and message in a bottle. They do not know their audience and cannot foresee their destination. How they share their missives, however, is what unites them; declaring private thoughts, enigmatic phrases and shards of stories from hundreds of miles away through the physical occupation of a small slice of public space.

These loitering boards will circulate throughout Louisville during the course of this exhibition, parked outside of small businesses and marooned temporarily in parking lots."

Sign writers:
Chris Little, “Rick Pitino Listens To Slint”
Kelly Lloyd, “Hello! Matt!”
Yvette Nepper, “In the Lunar Feminine”
Aaron Walker, “Sadness Equity”

Exhibition essay by Steven Matijcio

http://smallcraftadvisories.org/files/gimgs/th-54_Enjambment Web.jpg