Standard Formats
With Chris Reeves and Jacob Riddle

"Standard Formats is both a newsprint publication and an installation, featuring newly commissioned texts by AGWF, Adam Rothstein, Louis Doulas and Ryland Wharton. These format specific pieces; an e-book, podcast, xerox zine series and art blog, all toy with familiar reading formats and publishing models, alternating between speaking to and circumventing the historic and aesthetic conventions of each.

Excerpts and alternate versions of of these four texts accompanied the installation as part of a newsprint magazine, the first in a quarterly publication series edited and produced by Third Party. The paper aims not only to act as a series of print ads and teasers for these texts, all of which can be downloaded in full online, but also to speak to the various ways in which we read, consume and distribute art publications today. In this way, each piece in Standard Formats aspired to both re-imagine what an arts publication can be, as well as inquire in to what sort of exchange system and distribution mechanism might best suit this ever expanding variety of reading platforms."

Contributions by:
Adam Rothstein
Louis Doulas
Ryland Wharton