Thing-stead is a small press, artist-book publisher maintained and organized by Chris Reeves and Aaron Walker. While thematically disparate, these books are united in their investment and inquiry into sites of juncture; between disciplines, between publication formats, and between art and lived experience.

Thing-stead publications aspire to exist in the gap between the political screed, academic thesis, joke book, chapbook and religious tract.

Titles include:

1- Exercises In Chicago Style Manual - A joke book and series of seven short stories using an excerpt from Raymond Queneau's Exercises In Style and re-imagining it within constraints taken from the Chicago Style Manual.

2- Classical Muddly - An interview, essay and cassette tape that outline the history of "the world's worst orchestra", the Portsmouth Sinfonia.

3- Oulaf Pataphysique - A two volume work of prose, smut and imagined sculptures detailing the travels of Oulaf, a pink blob and recent graduate of the Yale School of Forestry. By Arthur Menezes Brum.

4- Legend and History - An experimental text that also functions as a graphical work, Legend and History recreates a chapter of the pulp paperback The Alchemists by M. Caron and S. Hutin, excerpting only the highlights and notation of an anonymous reader. By Ryland Wharton.

5- Puzzles and Games for Fun and Popularity - A zine of artist made jumbles, connect-the-dots, and crosswords. Contributions by Amanda Lee Anderson, Grace Cross, Jesse Malmed, Kyle and Theo Schlie, Lindsey Nehls, Deborah Stratman, Tim Dukes, Bailey Romaine, Loraine Wible, Chris Collins and Mike Lopez.

For more information on submissions or existing Thing-stead publications, please email us at:
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