Thing-stead Press
With Chris Reeves

Thing-stead is a small press, artist-book publisher maintained and organized by Chris Reeves and Aaron Walker.

While thematically disparate, these publications are united in their investment and inquiry into sites of juncture; between disciplines, between publication formats, and between art and lived experience.

Thing-stead publications aspire to exist in the gap between the political screed, academic thesis, joke book, chapbook and religious tract.

Past titles include:

1- Exercises In Chicago Style Manual - A joke book and series of seven short stories using an excerpt from Raymond Queneau's Exercises In Style and re-imagining it within constraints taken from the Chicago Style Manual.

2- Classical Muddly - An interview, essay and cassette tape that outline the history of "the world's worst orchestra", the Portsmouth Sinfonia. With Mark Harris.

3- Oulaf Pataphysique - A two volume work of prose, smut and imagined sculptures detailing the travels of Oulaf, a pink blob and recent graduate of the Yale School of Forestry. By Arthur Menezes Brum.

4- Legend and History - An experimental text that also functions as a graphical work, Legend and History recreates a chapter of the pulp paperback The Alchemists by M. Caron and S. Hutin, excerpting only the highlights and notation of an anonymous reader. By Ryland Wharton. 5.jpg