Uptool: A Maintenance Lab
With Grace Cross, Will Hobson and Chris Reeves, 2016

Uptool is an organic programming series that takes place three times a month inside underutilized portions of the University of Illinois at Chicago's (UIC) Greenhouse and Plant Research Laboratory.

The program serves to highlight the work of cultural producers who find themselves engaging the edges of anthropology, ecology and the arts, and will do so through a variety of forms; including thematic lectures, screenings, participatory demonstrations and live performance. In content, context and form, the series focuses on thinking beyond institutional disciplines and standard educational formats, in order to tackle a truly unruly question: How can we begin to overcome our attachment to lives that are personally and environmentally unsustainable?

1- Inaugural screening and cookout featuring John Berger's Jonah Who Will Be 25 In The Year 2000

2- Expanded Art History For Plants Vol. 1: Chris Reeves, Deanna Ledezma & Liz Cambron

3- Bonnie Fortune on An Edge Effect: Art & Ecology In The Nordic Landscape

4- Lunch Hour with Will Hobson and the Cultured Cart

5- EAHFP Vol. 2: Matthew Jesse Jackson, Chris Collins & Jen Delos Reyes

6- EAHFP Vol. 3: Hannah Higgins, Kelly Lloyd & Nellie Kluz

7- Greenhouse grounds urbanforage with Nance Klehm

8- Flux-response with Hannah Higgins and Simon Anderson

9- EAHFP Vol. 4: Mark Harris, Alejandro Acierto, Lauren Sudbrink & Deborah Stratman

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